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What products are covered in the GST scheme

GST is applicable on the supply of goods or services. It will apply to all taxable supplies of goods or services (as against manufacture, sale or provision of Service) made for a consideration except –

Exempted goods or services – there will be a common list for CGST andamp; SGST
Goods or services outside the purview of GST
Transactions below threshold limits


Initially, GST will not apply to: (a) petroleum crude, (b) high speed diesel, (c) motor spirit (petrol), (d) natural gas, and (e) aviation turbine fuel. The GST Council will decide when GST will be levied on them.


GST would not apply to Alcohol for human consumption, Electricity and Real Estate.

Alcohol for human consumption –It will be covered under State Excise plus VAT
Electricity – It will be covered by Electricity Duty
Real Estate –It will be covered by Stamp Duty plus Property Taxes.


Tobacco Products will be covered under GST along with Central Excise duty as an additional levy.

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